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  1. Hi everyone, I notice a lot of people are taking refresher courses. How do you find the ones that aren't online and how long they typically are (Shreveport,LA, I am getting no responses in the Louisiana forum). I would prefer taking one in person. I have only been out for more than two years so not sure if I even need one but would prefer just for my confidence level maybe. And for the online ones, any opinions on good ones and how long do they take approximately? Thanks everyone. I really appreciate any opinions.
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    RN Refresher Courses at | Nationwide Refresher Course Resource for Nurses

    A list of them by state (I don't know if it is exhaustive), some of these are online, even though this list does not indicate such. Even if the ones listed for your state aren't what you need, I would contact whoever is in charge and they might be able to aim you in the right direction. It looks like there is one about 3 hours away from you, which might seem undoable. Depending on job and child situations you might be able to what a friend of mine did. She was also about 3 hours away from the school. The class met one day a week...about 9am-3pm. She commuted on those days. our clinicals were on Saturday and Sunday every other week from 7am-2pm or so. She linked up with other class members that lived near the school and spent those Friday and Saturday nights with them.
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