1. PLEASE HELP! My mother has been an LPN for almost 45 years. She is 64 years old, very active and passionate about the future, but is trapped in nursing. Going back to school is not really an option (no time/money) and she fights as hard as she can to find some other career where she can make the money she makes now (enough to live on but not support a good quality of life) and which brings her joy, but she has been scammed and let down and lied to and I am afraid she might give up. This might be too personal, but my mother is my best friend. She is a compassionate, creative and hard-working woman who has raised two children on her own (by choice and for the good of all of us) while she attended college and worked to support us. She deserves happiness and some semblence of freedom. Is there anyone out there who has some idea or inkling of wisdom that might help me help her? I would greatly appreciate any advice.
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    I'm sorry for your dilemma. If you're asking us what, outside of nursing, can your mom do, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong forum. If I personally had that answer, I'd be there myself. Unfortunately, any other career or job entrance will come with entry-level pay. That's why many of us are "trapped" in nursing. For me, money isn't everything. It's just that I don't know how to do anything else. But I'm not physically close to retirement age yet...emotionally, yes!

    You should find out what you mom likes to do for enjoyment and see if there is money to be made in that. At 64, maybe she should do some serious soul-searching, (please, absolutely no offense intended in this statement), to see what things she can live without. I did this a few years ago and as a result, was able to drop down to working one day per week at my hospital job. There were quite a few things around the house that I did not really need. My quality of life has gotten so much better once I made my grown kids be grown and fend for themselves, and got rid of any and all dead weight around me.

    I have to ask. If your mom is that unhappy that she feels "trapped", why not put in for retirement? She is 10+ years my senior, but I'm trying to get on at the VA so that I will be eligible for retirement in the next 5 years....spending money or not. At this point, as long as I can pay the monthly household expenses from there on in without having to punch a time clock any longer, I will be sprawled out on my front porch or back patio in a rocker, sipping on a Diet Coke or sweet tea, watching the younger folks try to beat the clock.

    Good luck to you, dear!