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  1. Ok, I posted in another section now I'll try this one. I graduated from nursing school in 1999 and got my ADN and I just lack 3hrs having my BSN. I ended up working in the home healthcare field and loved it! Due to health issues, back problems & PMDD I eventually had to stop working in 2007. Shortly after I got SS Disability due to my PMDD. Though i think they just list it under a blanket "psychiatric "
    term. After getting older my PMDD has gotten much better & I now have a spinal cord stimulator for my back. I've missed nursing since the day I left & desperately want to go back. I live in Oklahoma. I don't know how the board is here. Is this an unreal goal? Or is it worth pursuing? I've been so worried that my SS Disability will keep me from getting my lapsed license reinstated.
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  3. by   sallyrnrrt
    First step apply for lis. Reinstatement to the BON, that your lis. Was in.....if different from your current state of residence......?Most require a refresher course if not worked as a nurse ( carries with each state, usually some where between 4-5years)........ Plus the required #ceus.......when you have satisfied those conditions for reinstatement.......if it was another state than where you live now , one would apply for resiprosity in the state you currently live in...... I believe you said you live in "google" Oklahoma BON.......usually each BON.....has a link for reinstatement, or re activation.... Contact them for information...

    I wish you the best....
  4. by   3ringnursing
    I was on SSI due to SLE for ten years, then returned to work as an RN full-time in 2014.

    I live in AZ. I didn't allow my license to lapse, however I can't imagine why you wouldn't be able to return to nursing if you are feeling better and able to function within the scope of your illness.

    You may want to consider a refresher course since so much of the little things have changed, if you feel you need it.

    I am doing telephone triage nursing from home now - I work in my pajamas and the commute is the shortest I've ever had!

    I believe where there is a will there is a way. Best or luck to you in your job hunt!