Desire to go back to work after being inactive for a long time

  1. I have worked as an RN for ten years nonstop then my husband and I have decided I stop working when I delivered my first baby to care for baby. Then the first baby was followed by another baby. I've been a stay at.home mom for 10 years. Now, that my kids are a bit grown, I'm interested to go back to work. Now the hard question is:
    Is it still possible for me to go back to work? I really think that I need to attend a refresher course. What is the first thing that I should do? Advice please.

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  3. by   MyPrnPleaseBSN
    check with your BON! Good luck!
  4. by   kariace
    check with your BON! Good luck!
    I also agree.
  5. by   PlaidPaisley
    Check with the BON to see if you need a Refresher Course or not. If you do not, yay! If you do, the best I found was through Chico State, their Refresher Program was about $900, all of it was online except for 3 days of classes. If you do not need a refresher course, my vote would be to take an RN Post Graduate Internship. There are a few in Northern California. One is through Chico State called RCNP Program, you basically do a 6 week internship in an underserved hospital and costs $1,000. Another choice is United Heart Training Center in Fairfield. United Heart just started a Post Graduate Emergency and Trauma Course Certificate (70 CEU's, plus TNCC, ACLS, PALS, BLS) and includes a 6 week Emergency Department Internship in the ED at NorthBay or VacaValley Hospital. United Heart is wicked expensive, but totally worth it when you get that job offer. Cost $5,000. If you want any further info, message me. As a reentry BSN myself, I have done pretty much everything I can to get into acute care.

    Best of luck.

    If you are a new grad you can check with Samuel Merritt's Transition to Practice Program. A few other colleges have a similar program, which I cannot remember their names. I believe one was in San Francisco.
  6. by   sallyrnrrt
    Check with board of nursing requirements, in Texas if you have not practiced in five years you need a refresher.... That being said home health and physician office are excellent return to jobs
  7. by   kasaban
    So, so sorry hope you got thru though. I was told today my UK qualification is too old over 20 yrs and I need to do a BSN to get back into nursing. Ha Ha what a joke eh
  8. by   ziggs0323
    PlaidPaisley, allnurses will not let me send you a PM. I'm interested in the United Heart Training Post Graduate Emergency and Trauma Course Certificate and had a few questions regarding the program -

    What was the format of the program; online, in person, hybrid?
    How long is the didactic portion?
    Is there a schedule or do you go at your own pace?
    How were the clinicals?