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I was just referred to this site from a nurse on another board I frequent. I only worked 7 months as an LPN in a nursing home. That job got me my job as a Special Populations paraeducator (Special... Read More

  1. by   DogWmn
    I'm inactive and have been out of nursing for a long time 20+ years. At one time I had licenses in Oregon, Colorado, Ohio and Georgia. I worked for 10 years in everything from Clinics, Hospitals, ER, ICU and LTC. I currently live in GA and in this state they will not allow you to take a refresher course if you've been out for more than 7 years, going back to school for a year is not an option...I don't have a significant other to support me. I've now been unemployed for almost 16 months.

    So I've started looking at other states to attend Texas and Colorado seem to have the most flexible programs and I'm leaning towards Colorado because I plan on staying at least a year to get some recent experience under my belt and no offence to all you TX nurses, I'd rather live back in CO with that nice cool dry air .

    Since I left nursing, I see that LPN's have been relegated to LTC's for the most part but at 59 years of age I don't feel I can be too picky.

    So everyone keep their fingers crossed that I can sell my land and get out of here.
  2. by   lorettap
    well i guess you can say i am officially out of retirement, i recently reactivated my new york lpn and took a refresher course with clinicals included applied for my fl lpn and today i checked the web site and saw i was issued a fl lpn license i am so excited and it was def worth the work. although nursing has changed since i was nursing 20+ years ago i look foward to the challenges that await me. i still plan on taking a few more classes to make me more marketable i truly believe i can and will make a difference. good luck to everyone out there trying to reenter the nursing field they really need us older nurses out there in the work force!!!!!!!! together we all can make a difference.