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I am new to this webiste and I have been reading ALOT on it lataly because I am a PCA in a hospital right now on a surgical unit and in nursing school and I know how busy it can get and frankly, its nice to come home and relate to people on here. Makes me think I am not the only one out there who is stressed!:-)

However...lataly Ive been reading these posts and I have been coming home from work stressed everynight. I am starting to rethink my decision as a nurse. I mean some days are great and I feel like this is what I want to do, but other times im nervous to even go into work and I get so frusterated that I cant give the best care because I have 100 other things to do. My question is do you think I should change my major while I still have the time? Do you think a career in radiotechnology or something in the health field just not nusring would be better? I read your posts and it seems like everyone has bad days all the time and that their health is suffering because of all the stress. I feel so bad for these nurses and I admire every one of you. But i dont want to go through life unhappy.

On hte other hand if i change my major i feel like Ill be so sad and defeated, i havnt even given it a try yet really. I dont know just thought id see what ya'll think!:) Thanks..

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Smiley - I think it is a good idea for you to think about your decision and not just rush into one or the other. And I feel for you, talking about waking up stressing like you were about your patients - that shows you have the compassion and mentality to be in the health care field. Some people would just tell themselves "Oh, well, I'm off the clock. If the patient ... it isn't my fault cause I'm at home even if the nurse and I forgot to... " That by itself shows you will be an asset no matter which career you decide on whether it be nursing, radiology, or one of the others available.

Nursing is a difficult job at times, well, a lot of times. I know radiology will have its ups and downs too, but at least it doesn't involve as much of the poop.

Good luck to you, which ever of the choices you pick. I'll bet you will do really great!!!

Anne, RNC

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