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I am an LPN currently taking out of classroom courses for my Associates through the College Network. My degree will eventually be granted by Excelsior College in NY. Do I include this info on my resume? If so, how do I state it as I am not currently enrolled at Excelsior? Do I flub that? Help!


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P.S. I also have a BFA which is completely unrelated to my nursing career. Do I include that too? So confused.... Wish I had a class on this....

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List all the degrees obtained, the name of the school, the location of the school, and the date the degree was conferred. In your case, you might also list where you took additional classes. For example, as part of your entry regarding your Excelsior degree, you could say something like, "Coursework for the completion of this degree taken at ______."

Almost every time people try to fudge their resumes and/or hide something, it is dangerous. If prospective employers get a hint that you are not being totally forthcoming, they will hold that against you. If you have nothing to hide ... put it all out there for the world to see.

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Heck, I put everything I did on my resume...sometimes I have to go back and make things a bit more condensed...but heck...I did it, I will take credit for it!

I even listed my clinicals and a general blurb about the various things I learned or was interested in. Those get shorter as I go on with my career (I like to keep my resume 2 pages only...not including references..that is an additional page). But people have told me that they liked seeing the section I do on "interests" that I have in italics that tell a small bit on an interesting situation or what I was interested in in that job.

If you are really stuck, you can hire a resume writer to help you...or find a friend who has a great one and do something similar! My friends ask me to help write theirs...and wow, with my sucess rate, I should write them and get paid..LOL!

ALSO, always ALWAYS write a thank you note to any interviewer! This always puts people on top! Add 1-3 things you discussed (only positives!) the interviewers name, and thank them for their time. I have my thank you cards with me at interviews...write it in the car before I leave, and put in the the mail that very day!

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I would put "Currently working on ASN degree at Excelsior College," or something to that effect. Then put your intended graduation month/year.