Resume and list of ref to interview? ... :-/


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So, I have an interview for my dream job tomorrow. And it's with the Recruiter and the NM of the unit. I'm usually pretty prepared for all interviews and having my papers and resumes together, but my grandmother had a major stroke on Friday and I have literally been at the hospital all weekend. Given that I'm the only medical person in the family, I feel like it's important that I'm here. So, I haven't been able to get anything together. I feel so terrible, but my interview is at 9 in the morning, so it's not like I can reschedule without it looking like I'm just not showing. :-/

Is it okay? Do you typically bring anything? Maybe I'm freaking over nothing... :-/


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Why? Are you away from home? Just gather your stuff this afternoon and tonight and you should be ready for tomorrow. Chances are you won't need them anyway, but it is always best to come prepared. Good luck.