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Resume Help


Hello. I am currently working in a Medical Unit. This is my first job out of nursing school and I love the hospital, my fellow staff, my managers are INCREDIBLE and pretty much everything about it. The only downside is that my husband and three kids are in another state and I am commuting back and forth and there is no way for my family to move to me.

My kids really need me at home and being home only 1 week a month for the last 6 months is really starting to wear on my family.

I need to get home and need to get help with my resume. Any suggestion on best ways to get help on my resume would be great. Are there certain key words I should use for the computers to get it noticed? Any help would be amazing. Thanks in advance!!

Nienna. Thanks so much for the PDF file. This has been so helpful!! I see you have 12 years experience! That is awesome. I wish you the best in your career. I'm on 7 months now and hopefully this PDF will help me to build a resume that stands out. I also ordered the books in the back of the PDF. Thanks again!