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Im a medical assistant I havent been working since 2006. But to make ends meet I have been working with close friends and family as a nurse aide /personal care assistant. I get paid weekly with personal checks or cash. My question is I dont work for a specific company. Should I list it on my resume?


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What position are you applying for? CNA/RN? Either way, I say absolutely add it to your resume. It shows you have experience in direct patient care. Just make sure you specify exactly what type of things you do under this position. It may not be with a specific company, but it's patient care nonetheless and if the employer can contact your current employer and get a great recommendation thats even better! Any amount of experience, accompanied with a great recommendation is definitely worth adding, imo. Goodluck with your job search, let us know how it goes! :D


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I would make sure that I get permission from the family to list the position, because they may be contacted to verify employment, but definitely list the job. Also, ask if you may use them as a reference.

Good luck!