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resume critique needed!

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i have a years rn experience, and i am wanting to apply for a new job. i have been working on my resume, but it just doesn't seem right. i was wondering if i could get some feedback on it. here it is...i left my personal info off the top, and the format is a little messed up when i pasted it. does the order of things seem ok, and should i leave some of the skills and qualifications out?


objective: seeking a nursing position on a medical unit in which i can expand my skills and experience while providing quality care to patients.

summary of qualifications:

  • knowledge of medical, nursing, and clinical practices
  • nursing experience specialized in orthopedics, post-surgical patients, and orthopedic trauma
  • outstanding organization and time management skills
  • interpersonal communication skills
  • experience with computerized charting as well as paper charting
  • knowledge of nursing standards of practice

nursing skills:

- full postoperative assessments of spine and joint patients

- blood transfusions

- phlebotomy

- entering and signing off md orders

- traction

- pca/cadd pain management

- cpm machines for postoperative range of motion

- medication administration

- cryocuff therapy

- iv therapy

- insulin, cardizem, & heparin drips/titration

- leech therapy

- patient lift equipment

- care of patients with wound vacs/hemovacs/jp drains

- dressing changes

- patient/family education

professional experience:

x hospital, somewhere, usa

staff nurse- orthopedics, january 2011-present

  • perform the duties of charge nurse
  • responsible for patient management from admission to discharge
  • total patient care of 4-6 postoperative patients or up to 8 postoperative patients with the assistance of an lpn
  • instruct patients and families regarding medications, preventive care and health management

clinical experience:

- 6 week, 192 hour practicum on a cardiac telemetry unit- total care of 4-5 patients under rn supervision

- other clinical rotations included neuro icu, respiratory/oncology, postpartum, pediatrics, mental health, and long term care


university , somewhere usa

bachelor degree in nursing, 2006-2010 gpa- 3.758, graduated cum laude


rn-board certified, state of indiana

tncc (trauma nursing core course) certified

cpr certification, updated january 2011


-person 1

person 2

person 3

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you should sign up on linked in! I would advise you to give more specifics of your charge nurse responsibilities - what specifically have you done? Did you manage people? What type of job are you looking for? Why are you looking to leave after a year?

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Biffbradford specializes in ICU.

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I was told by some 'experts' that "OBJECTIVE" is old hat ... TOSS!

I don't think you need your references on your resume. You can provide them later.

Otherwise, it looks good to me.

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