Resume Advice Please! Clueless New Grad here...


I just recently passed the NCLEX and I am now working on resumes and cover letters for various jobs but this is the basic format & information that I have so far. I am including clinical experiences per the advice of various nurse managers (it'll get my resume past the computer by using key words...assess, implement, ect.)

I don't have any medical work or volunteer experience and I only included the past 7 years of work experience all of which is retail/customer service related.

Any advice/input is so appreciated!!!


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Some College Here, SUNSHINE,FL 5/2014

o Associates in Science-Nursing, RN


▪ STATE RN License Number: RN1235646

▪ BLS, certified through the American Heart Association. Current-December 2016

▪ ACLS, certified through the American Heart Association. Current-December 2016


▪ Adult Health Nursing 2/Role Transformation, SOME HOSPITAL January-April 2014

Associate Degree Nursing Student- Medical-Surgical Unit (FLOOR HERE)

▪ Nursing Care of Women and Children, SOME HOSPITAL October-December 2013

Associate Degree Nursing Student- Postpartum Unit, Labor and Delivery, and Newborn Nursery

▪ Pediatric Nursing, Children's Hospital August-October 2013

Associate Degree Nursing Student - FLOOR HERE

▪ Adult Nursing I, Another Hospital July-August 2013

Associate Degree Nursing Student- Medical-Surgical Unit, Endoscopy, and Operating Room

▪ Psychiatric/Nursing Health Nursing, Independent Psych Center May-June 2013

Associate Degree Nursing Student

▪ Fundamentals of Nursing, DIFFERENT HOSPITAL October-December 2013

Associate Degree Nursing Student- Medical-Surgical Unit


Ø Completed nursing assessment for assigned patients.

Ø Identified and solved nursing issues

Ø Created a plan of care for assigned patients.

Ø Delivered nursing care with current skill level.

Ø Communicated patient information to supervising nurse or appropriate team members.

Ø Demonstrated learned skills and knowledge and critically thought to develop appropriate interventions.

Ø Administered medications per order using appropriate anatomical site and explained side effects.

Ø Assessed vital signs and level of comfort.

Ø Demonstrated knowledge of safe operations of all necessary equipment in the care of patients.

Ø Monitored patients for adverse reactions and distress.

Ø Assessed level of consciousness.


▪ Wal-Mart, Bellevue, NE June 2010-May 2011


▪ GAP, Williamsburg, VA July 2007-March 2009

Sales Associate

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I would expand on your old jobs a bit more. Make it relate to nursing- did you have to multitask? Problem-solve? Things like that are all relevant.

For your clinical experience, it's redundant to say under each site that you were an ADN student. You also don't necessarily need the dates, but put how many hours you spent on each unit. I wouldn't list out the skills that are expected of every nursing student. I think you can condense this section a lot.

Did you do a preceptorship?

Here's a copy and paste (with edits!) of my description of my clinical experience:

Senior Preceptorship, Local mid-size hospital, My town, CA, January-April 2014, 185 hours

Mother baby unit- performed the role of a registered nurse under the supervision of a preceptor RN, providing comprehensive, culturally-sensitive care for up to 4 couplets and their families; assessed mothers and newborns after vaginal and cesarean births; administered IV, oral, ocular and parenteral medications; checked blood sugars using Accudata; tended to surgical incisions and skin tears; managed complications such as psychiatric diagnoses, incarceration, CPS involvement, maternal and newborn blood glucose abnormalities, hypermagnesemia, cerebral palsy, jaundice, reflux, cold stress, drug use, subgaleal hemorrhage, apnea, uterine deformity, anuria, urethral trauma, chorioamnionitis, and postpartum hemorrhage; referred patients to community resources and providers; provided education regarding parenting, self-care, newborn health and feeding; provided lactation support and guidance.

Other clinical experience included:

Medical/Surgical-Local mid-size hospital, 270 hours. Included rotations in ED, ICU, cardiac cath lab and surgical units.

Maternal Child- Local mid-size hospital, 90 hours

Mental Health- various locations throughout this County, 90 hours

Pediatrics- Local trauma center ED; Poor Neighborhood Schools, 90 hours

Community health- Poor Neighborhood Schools, 90 hours