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When you have a resident on restorative program, what does it take for the RUG to change?? I have several residents on restorative that are the same RUG category as before.

Is there a certain required number of Programs that they have to be doing? I know the 6days a week 15min minute minimum, but any other?

Texas Medicaid RUG (State)


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The Restorative Program requires the resident to get at least 2 modalities (eating, grooming, ADLs, ambulating, etc...) 6 days/week for a minimum of 15 minutes in order to get a restorative RUG. Hope this helps!


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Plus you have to look at the adl scores and depression scores. Those also go into determining your RUG score.


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Since this discussion is open...

Rehab Low requirements

Do your faculties mandate that the therapy department transition to RNP with each discipline doing 3 days QOD of 15min(training restorative)?

To get a rehab low... It just says 3 days of any combination of if I had OT/PT/ST in and we are transitioning out to restorative.. Could technically it just be like this:

Day 1: PT and Restortative nurse develop resident goals and PT trains nurse with resident on techniques and special precautions. (Restortative aides could be present.. But for this example we are going to pretend the nurse then trains the aides separately)

D2: OT and Rest. Nurse do the same as above

D3: ST and rest. Nurse do the same as above

D4 to 6: rest. Nurse trains aides with resident.

Does it really take 3 days of training?

If we only had PT/OT in...could PT. Start with 2 programs( arom and walking) day 1. Day 2 OT do a reg treatment...then day 3 or 4 OT do their RNP training still get the 3 days?

Just a thought

Do your restorative programs go beyond ADL activities? (Like "door pulley for arom" or "nustep bike for 20 min" "or something else therapy did in their activities that I can't rremember off the top of my head)