Respiratory Therapist or Registered Nurse? Please help


Hi everyone, I am in my first semester of the respiratory therapy program but have ALWAYS wanted to go into nursing since I was 10 and my sister was born pre-mature in the hospital. I saw all the things the nurses did one even let me fallow her around the hospital. It seemed like it was what I wanted to do i'm 24 now and since that i'v still wanted to go into nursing.

I'v applied MANY times to pre-nursing BScN programs but some members of my family have always told me DON'T do it you'll be sorry! nurses work so hard it'll be so tough for you, they have to change diapers you won't be able to handle it. They seem to think RT's do alot less and it's alot easier. Tho I am doing well in the RT program I know I want to do more with patient care and total care of the patient not just the airway. I planned on moving somewhere after getting my nursing degree and maybe working in labour and delivery.. The nurse who delivered my baby was amazing I felt that job would really suit me through the long hours and the good and the bad.

Could someone please give me your input on which career you think is better? RT or RN

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Better? Thats difficult because they are so different, but I know of several RTs who have gone back to become RNs. They have cited that the limited growth in the RT world is the biggest obstacle to over-come.

Most RTs work in the ER or on the floors, where-as RNs can work there and pretty-much in an capacity/industry... This flexibility is why a lot of the RTs switched; if they got bored being on the floors, as RNs, they could work at schools, clinics, hospitals, as consultants, etc.

All the best in your decision.


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I say if your dream is to be a RN, go for it! Don't let ANYONE talk you out of your dreams, you will regret it later.