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Resources (books) for new grad in ED?


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I am a new grad in one of the busiest hospitals and largest ED's in the US (Florida Hospital Orlando) to give you an idea of volume. We have very high acuity patients. I trained from August to December last year and have been on my own approx. seven weeks. The transition has been ok but I am constantly chasing my own tail, trying to catch up, just doing tasks, etc. Everyone has said in time it will all click and come together. Even in these seven weeks I have seen improvement which is encouraging but I'm missing silly things I should have trusted my instinct about. I look up a lot of things but want a nursing/medical resource. I would like to know what some of the BEST resources are to help me learn even more? It's so busy there that there is no time to look up why we're doing something and by the time I get home I'm wiped. What are the best, current books you swear by that get more involved than glazing the surface of some of the scenarios we see? Thanks so much!!

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I am a fan of the ENA Sheehy's Emergency Nursing Principles and practice. No question it is a textbook and for some feels like "school" but I find it to be a great reference.

Also, Springer Publishing has a good series called Fast Facts. The series includes everything from Fast Facts for the ER Nurse, Triage Nurse, Stroke, EKGs etc... I think I own the entire series about now. It's much more down and dirty than a textbook but is a good basis to bridge from.

Check them out at:

Sheehy's Emergency Nursing: Principles and Practice, 6th Edition: 978


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Thank you, The Nurse Motivator! :)

I found in my very large book pile today one other book I really like. It's a little less textbook like than the other ENA book I suggested. All depends on your preference. You can't go wrong with any of the books I suggested.

Sheehy's Manual of Emergency Care...

Sheehy's Manual of Emergency Care, 7e (Newberry, Sheehy's Manual of Emergency Care): 97832378276: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com

I second this book. Also, "Fast Facts for the ER nurse" is very good. Medical texts like Tintinalli's is awesome as well.

StatPearls has thousands of questions, flashcards and a ebook on CEN, TCRN that may help. Rationales are good.

I've found that EM clerkship medical student resources are helpful because they're condensed without being dumbed down. They strike a good balance between being too algorithmic and simplistic (like some of the nursing resources) and being over-the-top thick with medical management. They also give you some better insight into how they're training to think and approach clinical presentations.

A good old place to start is a pocket book from the EMRA called something like "A Chief Complaint-based Guide to EM".