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resigned from fulltime position today!

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by Lorelai22RN Lorelai22RN, RN (Member)

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I turned in my letter of resignation but stated that I would stay PRN.....I start my new job on June 18th as a precertification nurse. My last day as a FTE is June 14th. I am very excited! My boss informed me that I was "hurting my career and making a mistake" but I informed her I was making the best choice for myself. I didnt tell her I had another job lined up......I will have been working a year on June 12th. It has been rough and I feel as if my license is at risk on our unit. I kept my letter short and sweet so as not to burn any bridges......but I have been very unhappy at this job and have worsened my depression and anxiety problems (didnt exist before this job). I dont see my family and friends and am tired of being understaffed, no supplies, rude docs, complaining family members, no bathroom breaks, or lunch breaks, managers picking at little stupid things.....not being able to sleep, being grouchy and depressed on my days off. Not getting respect. Backstabbing coworkers.....whew! While I am aware that no job is perfect, I am appreciative of the hours , 8-5, hour lunch, bathroom breaks, no overtime, no weekends, no holidays, the absence of the stress that is present in the hospital though it is still a busy job, it wont be like the hospital. I want to say to those who are unhappy with theri job to look for another area in nursing, you dont have to stay in the hospital if its not for you. I am glad I was honest with myself and looked for something else.......I will let yall know how this new job goes. But I will make the best out of it. I feel free! I will still work 2 shifts a month at the hospital but I can tolerate this job in small doses and I am fine with that........i dont want to leave the hospital completely. I wnt to keep my skills fresh and make a little extra cash.

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sometimes saying goodbye is the only option that you have

relax and enjoy the time off between jobs..it may be awhile before you can take an vacation

Good Luck

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