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Reserves requirements


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Forgive me if this has been covered somewhere, I looked back a couple of pages. My question is for any branch the allows nursing reserves. What is the experience requirements? I can't find any clear answer on any of the recruiting websites and don't want to waste recruiters time if im completely uneligible.

I am RN with a BSN and active full license in two states. I have had my license since September. I work in a infusion clinic, but besides nursing school I don't have acute or hospital experience.

Right now I'm only looking at reserves but if the job market doesn't improve I may look into active. Do they take nurses with limited experience?

Thanks for all the info!



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Absolutely. You are not going to waste the recruiter's time.

If you go to the military websites it'll tell you minimal requirements.

Just so you know, it is long process. You don't show up and sign up the same day. Lots of paperwork.

Good luck!

when i looked into the air force reserves they wanted 6 months of experience before even starting the paperwork. i don't know if that's how it works across the board though. active duty didn't have that requirement.

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I don't know that they differentiate between "acute care" experience or any other experience. If you want to fill a flight role or critical care role, then the type of experience is more important. The reality is that all the services have hospitals and clinics as well, so you'll get experience doing both if you go active. Keep in mind that everyone is in the same economy you are, so if you want to do active duty, you need to get moving. There are many more applications than there are spots in many (not all) cases.