Researcher to CRNA - No idea what to do?



I just wanted to thank everyone for making this site great and insightful.

About me:-

  • I am a guy and have a BS in microbiology (2006)
  • I got laid off working as a researcher - big pharma
  • volunteer at a old age home and 2+ years of volunteer experience

I have applied to MD/DO school and would get in somewhere in the usa, but I really do not want to go through school/residency for 6+ years, as I am getting married soon and my parents are getting old and someone has to take care of them.

Someone told me about a CRNA degree. I would go through Accelerated Second Career Nursing Program for 12 months, work in an acute care setting for a year and then around 2 years for a CRNA.

My question is:- What is the future as a CRNA, I really do not want to lose my job again in life, or go thought pay cuts, etc.. As my wife can't work, I would be the sole bread earner for me, wife, my parents and our kids, so money would be a issue. How hard is it to get into CRNA School? Would my credentials be good enough? If you have any more questions to help answer this I would be glad to answer them. Thank You for all your help and good luck.

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Answers found at Pre-CRNA Inquiry Forum ...see sticked threads at the top.

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