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does anyone know where to find good studys. i have to do a presentation, and am having trouble finding studys. the question i have been given is:

in this assessment you are required to present a 15-minute powerpoint presentation to a group of approximately 10 - 12 colleagues. your presentation should address one research study of quantitative research and include the following:

i chose tracheostomy care to discuss but i cant find anything, and unsure where to begin, any help please would be greatly appreciated :)



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What research databases are you searching in? We used CINAHL or Medline. If you don't have experience in databases like these, talk to the research librarian at your school....they're generally amazingly helpful folks.

yes CINAHL we use


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yes CINAHL we use

I'd go and speak with the research librarian at your school. I'm betting they can show you some great tips to make your searches more effective.

ok thank you x

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Does it have to be a nursing study, or just a quantitative study? If any, I would try PubMed or OVID as well. You can just type in "tracheostomy care" and should get several. Using PubMed, you can also choose what type of studies it should narrow the search to.

Definitely ask the librarian!

For example, here's one:

quantitative :) ill ask the libraian, thanks x

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