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I am currently in a BSN program and I want to go to anesthesia school. My question is do MSN (and/or MSA) programs require research as part of the curriculum? Also, would it be in the best interest for me (for admissions) to partake in an extra-curricular research project? I am trying to do everything I can to be a competitive applicant. Basically, is it worth the time or should I try and concentrate my efforts else where (My grades are very good btw)...

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I really recommend undergraduate research. It sets you apart as an applicant. I met with a dean of an anesthesia school program, and she looked through my binder of research when we met. The research was about the use of Human Patient Simulators for cardiovascular experiences in baccalaureate education. After she paged through it, she said that she wanted me as a student. My university offered a 3-credit independent study course for my research project. Does your university have opportunities for undergrad research? I loved the experience!

Here is a link to some undergrad/grad nursing research from my university. I am listed with my poster (I am Kelly K.)


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Thank you for your reply ether, I will definitely look into doing some sort of research while in undergrad.

What other things can I do (as an undergrad.) to be more competitive? These are what I have so far:

1. undergrad research

2. ICU tech/externship/etc.

3. shadowing CRNA's

4. getting as much A's as possible

5. ???

I am planning on working in an ICU right after I grad, and I want to apply ASAP (after one yr of course). I know the probability of acceptance is slim, but like I said, Ill try my best to give everything I can.

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