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I have to interview any kind of doctor for an English paper in my class, so I'd greatly appreciate a few answers to include in my assignment: 
1) please tell me about your educational and professional background, and why you wanted to go into the medical field. 
2) what are some obstacles that you encountered when going through medical school? How did you get past them? 
3) what advice would you offer others who are trying to get into your profession?
4) How are you able to maintain a work-life balance when having such a demanding job? 

Specializes in OR, Nursing Professional Development.

Hello, @Breanna Cosentino and welcome to Allnurses! Unfortunately, I don't believe you're going to find the help you seek here as you ask about medical school and the vast majority of our members are nurses or looking into becoming nurses. Have you tried reaching out to your own medical provider? They may be able to help. 

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There are more Doctors and medical students on SDN. 

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