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Hello - I'm just starting a nursing theory class for my RN-BSN program and we've started with Jean Watson and Betty Neuman. I actually met Jean at a conference about a month ago. Nice lady. Who... Read More

  1. by   ToughLove
    :spin: Enough information to make your head spin!! Sooo many theorists and so little time. I too, like many others, like Virginia Henderson. She seems to touch on a very broad and basic theme of nursing. Nursing is such a diverse field and means many things to many different people. A nurse may work in any multitude of areas from a hospital to a cruise ship!! Trying to put nursing in a box is like trying to put parenting in a box. There is more than one way to skin a cat!! So I think it is good that there are so many different but yet similar nursing theories. We as nurses can take what we like from each one. Written down as a theory or not we all can identify and or use many of these theories.:spin:
  2. by   JENmoore
    I agree with Tough Love - There are soooo many theories and theorists out there. Here's an article that I wrote for one of my classes way back in the day. It was published online as a Nursing resource:
    I hope you find it interesting!
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  3. by   chagermany
    Hi Jenmoore
    I am very interested in your article but could not find it. Is there any way you could send it to me?