How can I become oncology clinical research nurse?

  1. Hello. I have some questions about becoming oncology clinical research nurse.

    I am a RN, BSN, OCN with 2 years of acute oncology nursing experiences. I am on H1C visa status.
    I was graduated from US nursing school, and my current hospital sponsored me for the working visa.
    I was chemo-certified in 2008. Currently, I do not have to administer chemotherapy at the hospital.

    One of the staffing company sent me an e-mail about the clinical research nurse position.
    They are looking for a RN, BSN, OCN with 2 years of acute oncology nursing experiences. They think I am a great fit.
    However, I am not sure they are going to sponsor me for H1B visa. I am not able to work for other company unless they sponsor me for working visa or greencard.

    I have been always intereted in a clinical research nurse position, but the most position requires recent research experience. And I think I do not have enough knowledge and experience in oncology research nursing area.

    How did you get into the clinical research nursing? I would like to prepare for the position. I knew that SOCRA or ONS has several courses and conferences, but I am not sure I do have to go to the courses and conferences without research experience.

    Please give me any advice. I will appriciate it so much. Thanks.
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  3. by   desertflower100
    Apply to oncology centers/MDs who do clinical research. You can join SoCRA but can't take their certification exam without research experience. Hope that helps.