Bedside RN interested in research position

  1. I have worked on an Oncology inpatient unit for 2 years. I have always been interested in research and have recently noticed some openings at a nearby comprehensive cancer center for research nurses. I am intrigued, but honestly don't know what a day-to-day experience is like for a research nurse. Anyone care to share? I LOVE oncology and would like to continue to stay in this area.

    Thanks for your help!!
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  3. by   Fonenurse
    I'd contact the facility you mention, explain your situation and see if there are any possibilities to go and shadow someone there - this will give you some direct insight into the field without committing you... good luck
  4. by   Merlinsmom

    I am an RN and a research coordinator. I posted a (long) response under "any clinical research nurses out there?" regarding my job and what it entails. It sounds like this might be similar to what you are looking at if you feel like checking it out. Let me know if you have any questions I might be able to help you with.
  5. by   CrunchRN
    I disagree with the above post and I have no dog in the hunt.

    Network. Get the job. Then get certfication which from respected places requires actual research nurse experience. Socra is one of the popular ones.