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:cool: Hi all! This is my first post...just registered today! I found this BB to be very good for nurses to communicate! I was wondering tho, are there any clinical research nurses out there? ... Read More

  1. by   houdiniii
    Hi, I'm not sure what I'm doing here -- haven't yet figured out if when I reply, I'm replying to the specific post I have in mind. So, decided to use the quote button.
    I think it's terrific that you have traveled up to the position where more nurse's should be--and best wishes for future. Companies are slowly learning how valuable we are to their success. I have over ten years experience as a research nurse/clinical studies coord., and am now interested in knowing more about in-house review/QA positions. Can you help me with my research on this? Thanks

    Quote from augigi
    Hello everyone! Let me tell you about me -

    I am an Australian CCRN who worked in cardiothoracic ICU for around 7 years. My unit was cardiothoracics/transplant/trauma. The unit participated in the pilot trial of a medical device and I got to know the medical director of the sponsor company. They offered me a position as a clinical educator and I moved across "to the dark side" as we say! The attraction was a new challenge, and a lot more money initially!

    In the past 3 years at the company, I have moved from the only clinical educator, to the clinical engineering manager in charge of four other educators I hired (all nurses I previously worked with), to now being the director of medical affairs.

    I have had the opportunity to see our device evolve as I went from first being a nurse looking after the first human implant, to now having seen 70 devices implanted worldwide. I have been able to travel, learn, learn and learn. I have been able to meet key opinion leaders in my field of interest and get a crash course in corporate life and business practices. I have been able to work for a year in one of our trial sites in the US.

    In the process, I have gained a huge respect for study coordinators, and the amount of detailed and tedious work they have to do in order to carry produce meaningful data. I have also been able to gain an understanding of how the sponsor company works, and what causes the things that frustrate the clinical research staff at hospitals!

    I do really miss the bedside clinical environment, and may move back to it shortly. I would like to stay at my company long enough to see our device approved for use (next couple of months) as that would complete the cycle I have been able to participate in.

    Kudos to all the research nurses and study coordinators!
  2. by   BoomerRN
    I worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at a large University here in town for 5 years. It was neurologial studies. I've since moved on to other things, but I went for an interview for a ccr position at the same university last Friday for oncology studies and while interviewing I saw how everyone I spoke to or observed in the office were so s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d out! I've decided not to accept that position and to accept another one that doesn't seem to be as stressing. I love working in research but the working conditions do seem to have gotten worse, at least here.
  3. by   Ayonti
    I have an interview with an independent clinical research company and was wondering what types of questions do I need to ask. I have med surg exp only and have no exp in research but want to get into research. Thanks.
  4. by   imade
    hi, how can i get to u?am a student Nurse, about to write our research.i need ur help, plz reply how can i get to u?
  5. by   Suzynurse03
    I work in research as a compliance nurse, monitoring research protocols
    I am in Houston, the VA in fact.
    I am a member of the association of clinical research nurses. A handful of people have been trying to keep this organization a float, so far its still going.
    The organization has been a struggle to get people on board and we would like to develop this as a speciality.
    we are redoing our mission statement and purpose and if you are interested let me hear from you.
    Right now we are only in the Houston area in, the Texas medical center. We have a membership of about 60. so we are trying to generate more interest and would love to have your support, please jump aboard with ideas and we need workers to get this organization to go national and get reconized as a speciality.
    Love to hear from you!
  6. by   nurse28yrs
    I've applied for a research coordinator job and pretty much have it in the bag. I'm worried about salary/ I did a salary search and with a Master's degree and 3 certifications (in the specialty I'll be researching) the salary range was $62,700 to 70,800.
    Does this sound reasonable? Thius is in the Mid west. Would any of you be willing to give me a range of what you think an acceptable wage would be???? THANKS!!!
  7. by   topkat
    Hope you're still out there..that was a pretty old post...I am applying for a CRC position in central Tx. I anticipate I will work with numerous docs on various research projects. I'm excited and a little scared...some of these posts are talking about lots of stress...I'm pretty compulsive and enjoy tedious things, but I don't care much for stress!!!! any advice in this arena???
  8. by   nurse28yrs
    Hi! Any job in nursing can/will be stressful. Just set good limits 9 hrs a day max and take a day off a month JUST FOR YOU!! Let me know how it goes. I find out next week how much they are gonna pay me...I'm keeping my fingers crossed as they were rediculously low. Hows the pay in Texas?????
  9. by   topkat
    Quote from nurse28yrs
    Hi! Any job in nursing can/will be stressful. Just set good limits 9 hrs a day max and take a day off a month JUST FOR YOU!! Let me know how it goes. I find out next week how much they are gonna pay me...I'm keeping my fingers crossed as they were rediculously low. Hows the pay in Texas?????
    thanks for the advice...I'm hoping to keep my same pay...the place I work at is not very competitive in the nursing job market....topkat
  10. by   nurse28yrs
    Yeah, the salary range for this job was only up to $47,000 I haven't made that in the past 5 yrs! When will we get paid what we are worth?????
  11. by   chill598
    How can you become a clinical research nurse? What is the job description?
  12. by   San Diego New Grad
    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new grad RN, but have been working in pharmaceuticals/biotech for the past 7 years. I recently got hired on a tele/transplant unit but I have shoulder impingement syndrome, so my start date has been put on hold. My doctor cleared me to work recently, but now I'm having another flare-up of the tendonitis. I've been going to PT 1-2x/week for the past 4 months.

    I still am working at my current job with a pharmaceutical company, and there's a position open for a CRA I that I'm considering, mostly because I'm afraid that I won't be able to do my job as a hospital nurse.

    So, I'm wondering, is there anyone here who went straight into clinical research without having to work on the unit or floor? Or, if you have any advice for a nurse in the "injured reserve" I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone!
  13. by   toponarcosis
    I am a clinical research coordinator for the University of Florida. I work in the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology. Specifically, I am currently assigned to one of the largest Pediatric HIV/AIDS protocols funded by the NIH. I really love my job and would enjoy hearing more from the other research nurse coordinators.[/quote]

    hallo , i am a nursing student from china , in HIV/AIDS area and i love my clinical practise there, nice to meet u , my MSN is could u tell me urs or just add mine