Requirements for work as a Nurse in Germany?


I'm from a non EU country (Macedonia) but I want to study medicine in Germany, because we don't have enough money for that I would like to work there as a nurse and go to university at the same time. In may i'll finish nursing school in my county and I also will have 6 months of unpaid hospital practice till October (October starts the semester in Medical school in Germany). I have a C1 degree in German language.

Do I have to pass some test there so I can work and if yes what is on that test?

What other do I need to work there?

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I would imagine that the place to ask these questions would be the German embassy, who could direct you to the proper agency in Germany that regulates nursing practice and licensure if you can't locate it without their help. Good luck!

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I see a couple of issues

Generally as a International student most countries require proof that you can support yourself whilst at school. Most student visas have restrictions on working whilst studying. Most will expect you to be fluent in the language of the country. Meeting nurse requirements which tend to vary depending on where in the country you are and then meet immigration requirements allowing you to work