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I am trying to get into the nursing program in my community and there is one question that I have to answer and for some reason I have a hard time answering questions. I know how i feel about the question and even the answer, just not sure on how to word it. The question is Why do I want to enter the nursing program? Here is what I personally think, but need help wording it correctly. Feel free to add sentences or take some out. ~thanks so much ... Well, I am one who enjoys helping others as well as comforting people. I have lots of compassion for others. I love people and it is so rewarding to be there to comfort them. The field of nursing encompasses my life goal completely.

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You stand a much better shot if you just put it in your own words. What you put there is fine.

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I agree with the above poster. I think your ideas are definitely from the heart but you're asking how to make a good impression on an admissions committee. Are you limited in the number of words you can write? If not, don't write a book---they'll stop reading if you go on for pages and pages---but you might want to elaborate as to what your life goals are and how nursing encompasses those life goals. You say that you enjoy comforting people. How do you see yourself doing that? How do you see nursing as being unique as compared to other helping professions and how do you see yourself fitting into nursing? How have your life experiences helped you to realize that you want to be a nurse? Can you give an example of how you have been compassionate to someone in the past or how someone's compassion has changed your life?

Best wishes for you in getting admitted and please keep us posted!

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