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Does anyone know what measures are being taken, if any, to regulate the np programs that are for profit, programs with less than stellar reputations, etc. It pains me to think that because there are so many programs, the general perception is that "anyone" can be an np. It certainly seems to diminish any credibility this profession has of gaining more autonomy. Any insight welcome.

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"Anyone" most definitely 'can' graduate from an NP school to be an NP ~ if they have the grades and persistence. Just like anyone 'can' graduate to be a physician, or a pharmacist, or an RN.

That is why there is a certifying exam which requires specific criteria to be met in order to become an NP.

The certifying exam is what keeps it all 'real'.

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I am not sure what reputation you speak of - in general, APPs are well regarded by their collaborating physicians. I don't think they are evaluated based on their school but rather by their experience and skills. The people who coast through less rigorous programs soon show up. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.


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You are right, anyone CAN become an np. I guess I was/am thinking that some of these programs accept np students regardless of grades, gre score and experience. I always viewed nps as some of the best nurses, elevating their potential. I guess I was wondering if there are any measures to increase competition among applicants similar to the crna programs that exist? Or, do yall think the natural "weeding" process alleviates this?

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I think there is a natural weeding out process that will occur. I only have experience with my program, but I can tell you the students that worried me when I started are no longer there. I'm sure there are bad apples, there are always bad apples in any bunch. As one poster mentioned, there are bad apples in MDs, DOs, PAs, as well. Hopefully, most get weeded out during the education process, those that don't get weeded out when they get arrested for fraud, or malpractice, or whatever.

It would be interesting to see a study that showed the results over the long term of graduates from various programs, just to see if reputation of said program actually affected the results of the graduates of that program. My guess is there would be very little difference between the programs most would put in the bottom ten and the programs most would put in the top ten, but I could be wrong.