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Reported to the NPDB

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I was reported to the NPDB. Any advice on what jobs to apply for. My license is with out stipulations.

Dear Reported,

The NPDB is the National Practitioner Data Bank. It's a federal online repository of reports submitted by registered facilities. They include medical malpractice payments, adverse actions, and judgement related events. 

One a facility makes a report, the practitioner can submit a statement  giving his or her perspective and any additional information. It's important to craft a well worded statement that clarifies your involvement. Do not blame another practitioner, but if you were named in a lawsuit along with others, or you were not directly involved, it's important to file your statement.

The general public can't access the information, but potential employers can view the report along with the statement.

 It doesn't mean you will never get hired again. It all depends on the nature of the report, the wording and the underlying events.  For example, a medical malpractice payments does not mean you are a bad practitioner.

The NPDB report is essentially permanent once filed, bu the good news is you have no stipulations on your license. Keep applying and be persistent. Consider relocating or underserved areas with hard to fill positions.

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth

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