Reported to BON for inappropriate conduct

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Hi , I was working on my probationary period at one of unionized organization, where I was encountered with one of student and we had talk 3 times and while she was leaving the workspace she said me bye and left : I took my break and was walking out while I noticed this person was sitting in car and I just said them hi and they respond hi and said oh you off too I was like no just came for break and yiu nit leave yet she said no just about to leave and also added sorry I bugged you and didnot ask we can talk she answered no it is all good I am okey and then I told her are you new here she said yes and asked me same ,

we had good 3 time interaction and I told you are preety , kind person you will ahve bright future, she answered thankyou just trying as well I was on my break and said I m new tot his town too do not know too many people she replied me too and I asked I only go gym to stay fit and do you workout to stay fit she answered yes and I was like oh good for you !

And then I added OK I m getting late will go back so you want to saty connected over anything social , phone she said yea I am okey with phone she gave phone and I said are you okey with text or call if needed she said I am totally fine and I told her okey I m living gave her a call and said that is my number I will keep your data confindential hoping you do same to keep your and mine privacy and l left she remained there, I texted her thanks for stop there it was nice talking and wished her.and

2nd text I did can I know something and no reply came I never texted back after 3 days I saw this person she gave me bad eyes and I was confused what happen I try to call but it did not go through to clear that my intentions were only to be friend as I am new in town but in morning she complained to hr that I approached here inappropriate way and asked for phone and called her fit and preety and they ran investigation and fired me no evidence

and they said you left the same time she did I told them I did not go straight to her I was on walk and I saw her and said hi even took her verbal consent I was shocked and they said respectful behaviour and prevention of harassment and violence but not flagged me as a bad employee or not eligible to rehire, but they said they will also let nursing board know about the issue

So I am only concerned how does nursing board deal with this as I am already terminated do they fine or assign a course or I am totally clueless please guide me an answer I never touched or sent any bad message or even said anything sexual. I t was misunderstanding and I even said to hr but due to probation they terminated me I am working on other job from 5 months with clear records

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It sounds like a challenging situation, and I'm sorry to hear about the circumstances that led to your termination.

As a woman, I understand that being approached while sitting in a parked car can be uncomfortable.

The nursing board's response could vary depending on the policies and regulations in your area. Generally, nursing boards regulate nursing practice to ensure public safety. Fortunately, your situation did not directly involve patient care.

In situations involving professional conduct, such as the one you described, nursing boards typically investigate complaints to determine whether there has been any violation of professional standards or ethical codes. They may consider factors such as whether the behavior constitutes harassment or unprofessional conduct, regardless of whether it was intentional.

The nursing board may or may not receive a report from your former employer regarding the circumstances surrounding your termination. They may conduct their own investigation or review the information provided by your employer.

Depending on their findings, the nursing board may take various actions, which could include:

  • No action. If they determine that there was no violation of professional standards or regulations, they may choose not to take any further action.
  • Warning or reprimand. If they find your conduct inappropriate but not severe enough to warrant more serious consequences, they may issue a warning or reprimand.
  • Further education or training. In some cases, the nursing board may require you to complete additional education or training related to professional conduct or ethics.
  • Suspension or revocation of license. In more severe cases involving egregious misconduct or repeated violations, the nursing board may suspend or revoke your nursing license.

It's essential to cooperate fully with any investigation conducted by the nursing board and to provide them with any relevant information or documentation.

Suppose you have concerns about the process or the potential consequences. In that case, you may consider seeking guidance from a legal professional familiar with nursing licensure issues in your area. Additionally, maintaining a clear record in your current job and demonstrating professionalism and integrity can help mitigate any negative impact on your nursing career.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth