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Oooh. I really like yours. I have 4-6 pts though so multiple sheets would be too much for me but i may pass this on to nursing students/new grads who still need to write everything down.


I was just wondering if I could have a copy of the report sheet you use in ICU/IMCU


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Please send me a copy of report sheet


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I copied my tools for you, the attachments were too big so couldn't send as a file, but the one with the times I basicly use as my sheet to keep track of things, I come in, in the morning and look at all my patients meds and circle the times so I know I have something due at say 1500....I also use the spaces provided to make notes like called dr 1330 so when I go to do my charting I have an idea of what time things happened.. In the end you have to find what works for you but it's good to have some ideas to get you started. I work on a tele unit so mine is geared to what we need to know for most of our patients.


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Thanks for the info

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On 5/18/2008 at 6:26 PM, crunchymomx3 said:

Here's a screen shot of mine. If anyone is interested in a copy, PM me and I will email it to you. ?


Can you PM this to me? Or email to

Thank you!!


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Hi, can anyone send me copy of this report sheet?