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jillyk*RN said:
Finally figured out how to attach it. Sorry it took so long.



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hi JudithL_in_NH ... can you please email your report sheet to me? thanks, ja'el in florida (almost graduate nurse!)

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Here is one, will hold info on up to 6 patients, you can tweek it as you like, I draw columns on the back side and place pt labels and write down all PRNs throughout the shift.

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Here is one I like. It will hold info on up to 6 pts.

I draw columns on the back and place pt labels,

And write in the columns prns given during my

Shift, tweak it as you like.


ReportSheet (1).doc

Hi can you send me a copy fo the report sheet as well thanks

ittybabyRN, RN

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this is what I use, its gone through quite a few renovations, it's about as basic as I can get it now, I like the extra space at the top to put in the pts history, and the time columns are pretty critical for meds/lab times/feedings etc. I fold it in two for two pts and can use the back of the paper if the history gets long or the day gets crazy and I need to write down important things that happened. Oh, I work in a level III-c NICU.

Shift report days, cut down.doc


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I'm new to allnurses but I wanted to say thanks to everyone that shared their shift report/brain sheets. I have been trying to get organized with my clients and I'm so glad to have found these. I'm in my final semester of nursing school for my BSN and I'm super excited to graduate.