who do we report being mandated to?


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I was mandated in PA. I am an RN, and I work agency. I was told they cannot mandate for one call off. Who do we call if this happens?


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It does not kick in till July 1st so what just happened to you will not come under the bill. However, I believe when it does you would report it to dept of labor. I read the bill and they have this exemption that allows them to mandate if there is a unexpected call off at change of shift. It also says they can mandate if there is danger to the patients. I think it sort of took the teeth out of the bill but it is a start.

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I would say to speak with your agency. When I worked staff relief the workplace knew they could not mandate me to stay an extra shift. It was against the contract they had with my agency. What is the policy at the staffing agency you work for?


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For those of us not in PA, what is theis "mandate?"

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