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Repeated classes. Would I be able to apply into the nursing program?

by Veronica P Veronica P (New) New Student Pre-Student

I currently go to Sacramento State for school and have repeated 5 courses within my pre-reqs and co-reqs. One of them I have withdrawn from, so it should not be on record. So far as the school/ nursing program sees, it's 4. The pre-reqs I had to retake was A&P I, stats, psych, nutrition, and english as I had personal things going on. I didn't fail but received D's in them. Now that I have taken them again, I received A's the second attempt. The only one left to retake is nutrition along with microbio next semester. I know all nursing programs are different as to what they require, especially their point system. Also, I am fully aware that this may set me back and deem me ineligible, as to which I am considering majoring in health science and going through accelerated nursing programs. Please let me know what you all think. As I know it is up to me what to do, I would still love feedback. Thanks.

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The program I taught in focused on overall GPA, not necessarily repeating courses.  Also, they looked at other factors for overall decision.


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You should check with the programs you are applying too.  My college only allows a maximum of 2 repeated courses. I did have to retake stat because I got a c+ and the minimum grades for my college was B- other than this I had to make sure I passed all the rest of my course..