Repairing Bard Groshong Dual Lumen Piccs

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Anyone ever use the dual lumen repair kits that Bard makes. We have ordered them but they look very complicated just wondering if anyone had any experience with them. Thanks...

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Yes many times as well as the ones for the Chest groshong....and no they are easy to use........if you need instructions just PM and I will help you.....You need to do a good assessment before deciding to repair...

1....How long has the PICC been in place?

2..What is it being used for...what therapies/


4 How long has it been broken and how did it break?

5. Was it cared for properly after the break? as in did the pt or caregiver fold it over and cover it with a dressing or has it been broken for 2 days just swinging in the breeze?

6.. Does the pt have a temp and/or and elevated WBC ct?

7. Is there enough left on the ail to perform a repair?

The point is you may not want to repair it after gathering this information......I have refused to repair many a PICC and called MD and got an order to place a new one....I have also repaired any and then within 24-48 hours when we had more time...replaced it with a new one.....I have also repaired many b/c pt was almost done with their do not forget to look at the big picture...Bard says it is a temporary what does that mean.....I take it to mean...that if assessment leas you to believe it is prudent to repair it..then repair as long as patient will not need it for an extended period of time....if patient is going to be on TPN or has 6-8 weeks of abx to go...I would replace as soon as possible

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