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Dear Nurse Beth,

I have been searching online for an answer to this and haven't been able to find quite the correct wording. Anyway, I applied for a RN position in OB (Post Partum), was offered the job and I happily accepted. I have experience in Maternity and this particular unit is similar to ones I have worked on in the past. I will be starting the job next month at the end of August.

However, my question is this. I have been looking at job postings on this hospital's website and noticed a new positing for a Labor and Delivery position, a part of OB that I have been increasingly interested in, now that I feel more secure as a Post Partum RN.

Having not yet signed an acceptance letter, that will be next week when I meet with HR, is it even "allowed" (unsure if this is the right word here), for me to apply to a L&D job, having already accepted the Post Partum one?

I completely understand this could be a moot point as I might not even be offered an L&D job. Just wondering the etiquette/allowance there is surrounding this confusing (to me anyway), question.

Thank you for your time and I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Dear Wants L&D,

I would not apply for L&D without having a conversation with the manager.

There is a risk here for you. You don't want to be left without a job, so let her know you still want PostPartum if you are not eligible for L&D, but that you noticed the posting and wanted to inquire.

Technically you haven't signed your acceptance letter yet, and technically, you could change your mind and apply for a job elsewhere. You just have to realize that it may not be well received by the manager for you to jump ship, especially for a job down the hall.

It's possible that she is the manager of both units, and if not the manager, she and the L&D manager are colleagues. At the least, and if the conversation goes well, you will have your PP job and she'll know you're interested in L&D in the future.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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I agree there is a "safe" way to do this...but I wouldn't hesitate to mention that while you look forward to the PP job you are interested in learning L&D.

You never know if that unit is understaffed enough to switch you to L&D unless you speak up. Opportunities knock and you should always crack the door open at the least! It's all in the presentation.

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