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We had a resident (extensive history-including kidney failure with ongoing dialyis and anemia among numerous cardiac issues)admitted today on another unit. The dietician from the Dialyisis unit that treats him recommended a renal vitamin called Diatec. Our pharmacy is questioning the spelling-the PDR shows Diatex (a complex B vitamin) ). Nothing on Diatec. That is all to be clarified....

Now I am not very familiar with Dialyis patients-so forgive me if this sounds stupid, I also was not the nurse on his unit. But-is a B vitamin ok here? I know it's indicated for the anemia-but my concern is the renal failure. If anyone knows of this drug, can you tell me of any contraindications-assuming it should be the Diatex? Again-I plead ignorence here.

Rest assured...I will be doing some homework on the subject of care, but aside from the fistula and port care-I'm so out of the loop here!!! Time to pull out the old nursing books. But any info in the interm would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I've never heard of that particular vitamin being used for renal patients. Where I'm from, we use Nephro-Vite for people with both acute and chronic renal failure requiring dialysis. Don't know if that's helpful, as it could be a regional thing, but you could always ask a pharmacist about it.


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I think the dietician is recommending diatx (folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 with other vitamins)

here is the manufacturers link:

hope this is helpful


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I can't get the link to work, but I did run a search. It certainly sounds right. Thanks for your help!

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