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I was wondering if once you have your Michigan Nursing Liscense can you relocate to another state and still be able to practice or do you have to retake tests or what ever. I (we) are thinking of relocating to Alabama once I get out of school.



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I have heard that most states will endorse your license. You have to contact the Board of Nursing in the state you want to go to and find out. Some states may have you take tests for their state but most will just endorse what u already have, for a fee. And check the time frame too since it could take anywhere from 1 week to 6. I pm'd someone about this same thing and what i just wrote was about the answer I got back. We are looking to move out of state also, when I get done with school. Good luck and hope that helped.


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I have traveled to 2 different states and all you need to do is get on line and get their information for lic by endorsement. The forms are all there and a letter for MI state boards to verfiy your lic, pay the fee and you can ussally get a temp soon and wait for your reg lic from that state. (usually MI takes the longest to reply when doing this) I have NY,NH, AZ, its not too bad of a process. Good Luck

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