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We are relocating to Roseville, CA (near Sacramento) this summer- Wonder if anyone has any info/FYI's about LTC facilities in the area. Thank you!


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Are you looking for a permanent position or agency position? I used to work for an agency that covered both California and Nevada. She was awesome to work for! Let me know if I can help you out! I am in Northern California

Thanks caseytoney!

I am looking for a permanent position- prefer the night shift- when we did a search on the Medicare site, it listed 18 facilities within a 10 mile radius of Roseville- that's a lot of applying- which may be worth it; just interested in any of the facilities that have better reputation than others- any that you would stay clear of??? yes, really appreciate any info....

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I live in Roseville and just got hired at Sutter Roseville. Since I'm a new grad (IP) my wage will be $33.99/hr and night shift differential is $4.40 (which is good for me since I, too, prefer the night shift!:)) and weekend differential is $1.60.

I didn't think you said if you had any experience, but that could make a difference. When I'm an RN it'll go up to $35ish.

Good luck!

Thank you nursekatie22!

Yes, my husband has 23 years of experience (I am a retired RN of 36 years!) (Wish I had not let my license go inactive when I had a workers comp injury- but anyway...I actually miss nursing a lot-)

He likes the long term care/geriatric population, but we have heard only good things about Sutter- I can encourage him to apply...thanks again!

Best of luck in your is hard but very rewarding work!

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the healthcare facilities here in california have to be licensed by the california department of health. here is a page where you can link in to get official list of licensed facilities by facility type. you can search for facilities by zip code or telephone area code on these lists. - links to lists of hospitals, ltcs, specialty clinics and home health agencies and hospices that are officially licensed to operate in california by oshpd


thank you so much for the web site address! Our search will be more organized. Working for a facility that is licensed is certainly a priority!

THanks again!

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