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Relocation to Austin.....any advice?

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I just moved to Austin about 6 months ago and work in the ER at Brackenridge ( part of the the Seton system ). I have also worked for Scott and White in Temple. Both facilities are good at what they do. Because Seton is a Catholic based system, they have a little more focus towards indigent care, which is greatly needed in this area. Scott and White is a very respected research system associated with Texas A&M College of Medicine. Brackenridge is moving more towards becoming a larger teaching facility; they currently have several residency programs with UTMB and are supposed to be starting a partnership with UT Southwestern for an ER residency program. I personally like both systems and would have no problem going back to Scott and White if I needed to. The Scott and White hospital in Round Rock is a fairly new facility; it was opened right after I left Temple in 2007. One of the unique things about Scott and White is that the board of directors is physician oriented; 10 of the 22 members are physicians. Only 3 of Seton's 19 members are physicians. Having a physician heavy board gives the system a refreshing mentality. I have also been a Scott and White patient for 29 years and have rarely had a negative experience. Hope this information helps. Also, I live in Southwest Austin towards Bee Cave and LOVE my side of town.

Thanks for the advice...I did get a call back from S&W, seemed very nice there but a management seemed a bit frustrated with the system(since being governed from Temple). Have you heard anything about frustrations or are people generally happy with their positions there....Also, do you know how there salaries compare to others?


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