Relocating to Winston-Salem


I was just offered a position at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem and I am looking for advice on areas to live in. I am moving from Ohio so all I really know is how to get to the hospital. I have friends in Concord so I am willing to meet in between the two areas, but would just like some good advice on nice locations. I do not have any children and I am just looking to rent for now. I would prefer a house w/ a fence because I do have a dog. Also if anyone has any recommendations for RN to BSN programs I would love to hear them. Thanks for any input you have to offer!


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Are you interested in living in the city, or more interested in a suburban setting? W-S is a v. cool little city. Small enough to be "manageable," but lots of "big city" amenities. Good luck with the new job!


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I am open to either. I live in the suburbs right now, but I am really close to the city. I am not sure if there would be many properties in the city with a fence, but if the area is nice I am willing to look into it.