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I am a nurse currently residing in Metro Detroit area of Michigan. Seeking advice from a nurse in the Los Angeles area. I am wanting to move to the LA area in the near future. I am wondering if you could share what is your hourly wage/yearly salary ? And if you own/rent a home how much a month do you pay. I am a family of 4. Seeking at least 3 bedroom housing. Is the job market very competitive? How far do you commute to work? And plz offer any other helpful tips/info. Thanks!

Move when you have a job and housing lined up and bring substantial savings. Any of the information you seek can be obtained from the media and on this site. It is not inexpensive to live in the area. Rents are raised religiously. Many tract houses approach just under one million. Do the math. Any job is going to involve a commute that you have to be prepared for. Heat exhaustion in an air conditioned car during a 2 hr 45 minute drive home (to drive perhaps 26 miles in distance) after a day shift is not out of the question. In the realm of moving to the San Francisco Bay area for nursing but maybe not quite as acute.

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Hi! I live in west LA. I rent a 2/2 apartment for $3400.00 a month. It does not include water or utilities. I have been a nurse for 23 years and have my BSN. I make 56.90/hr at a magnet hospital. Traffic is bad here, taxes high, and everything is expensive!

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