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Relocating from Louisiana to Texas after grad, SOS

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Hi guys. I have stalked AN for awhile now and its time to post. Really looking for a-lot of advice and direction. I am graduating in December 2020 with my RN, BSN at university of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am moving to the Houston, TX area in January 2021. I have seen a lot of “residency programs” posts, which isn’t as popular in Louisiana yet. I noticed a minimum GPA of 3.0 is desired. Unfortunately, being in school for almost 6 years, and going through many rough patches and a long journey of being accepted into clinicals; my GPA will be a 2.9. It is impossible for me to recieve a 3.0 with the amount of credit hours I have and will be receiving prior to graduation. Any advice on where to apply for these? I see that most don’t hire you unless you have that background. Second, I know we have the compact license now, but can anyone tell me the process of getting a texas license if I must get my license in the state I can prove my residency in. I don’t see how I could get a TX license right off the bat. I plan to take my NCLEX in feb 2021. Third, ANY ADVICE AT ALL I am desperate for. I don’t know where to even begin with this transition or how to even get my name out there, etc. best hospitals, job advice, etc. Please and thank you all.

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Its easier to apply for Texas license in you live here, otherwise Texas makes you apply by paper, not online. I know weird. Go on BON site its all there explained step by step.


Specializes in Future BSN, RN Winter 2020; thrive in fast paced!!.

Could I possibly use my in-laws address in texas to apply for one?

If you are a resident of any state that is a member of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) you cannot apply for licensure in another eNLC member state. If you are a legal resident of LA you are going to have to apply for initial licensure in LA, and your license should grant multi-state privileges when issues. When you relocate to TX and apply for licensure by endorsement you will be allowed to work on your LA license while your TX license is being processed. When your TX license is issued it should also provide multi-state privileges. When your TX license is issued your LA license will be placed on inactive status as you can only hold one eNLC license with multi-state privileges at a time.

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Houston residency is indeed extremely competitive. Applications begin in Feb for the Summer start dates. You can still be hired as a new grad, without the residency, after you pass NCLEX and have your license. I would apply, though. They want BSN over an ADN so you have that going for you. If you don't get a spot, apply once you have your license. You also probably have a better chance if you apply for med surg (and outside of the med center) as the competition for speciality and TMC spots is tough.