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Relocating to Los Angeles

California   (2,072 Views 2 Comments)
by caramel caramel (New Member) New Member

caramel works as a staff nurse.

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Hello .

I have been recruited to work In UCLA Hospital.I shall be moving from England . Now i have some disturbing stories about californa ie; how expensive it is.Is mor Expensive than London England

How DAngerous is it ?

How much would i expect to pay for a comfortable 1-2 bedroom


what is ucla like?( peadiatric deparment) Are nurses looked after?

What is pay like i have been qualified for 6yrs.


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I hope you like it here.

Many nurses have come from England. I only know of one who did not like it. Perhaps part of her frustration was that she had been qualified for only one year. I think six years experience will make it easier.

I know many at UCLA but not in pediatrics. We have a real need in this city for nurses trained and experienced in caring for children.

I suggest you get a promise that your orientation period be as long as you need to adjust to the differences in regulations here and the new hospital as well. I am told the management at UCLA is very supportive of flexible orientation times so ask for what you think you need.

I'm only passing on what fellow nurses from England (and other countries) have told me.

Welcome! I think you will like the warm sunny winter days.

To my knowledge London has a better transportation system. You will want a car.

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