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Hi, I am possibly moving to Largo, FL in May. I was hoping someone would have any info about the hospitals in the area e.g. Morton Plant, Clearwater Community, or any others (especially a childrens hosp). I want to know the starting pay and if you've heard, or personally know of anything about the hospitals above. My parents live there and have neighbors who are nurses who claim pay is around $25/hr (that is starting pay with shift diff.) but I tend to think it is probably a lot less so any help would be very much appreciated. I am going to FL in March to check things out myself but it would be nice to read what people living there have to say. Thanks

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I'm in the area. Depending on which shift you work and the number of years experience you have that figure may be close, but it sounds a bit high. But I'm kind of out of the loop as far as pay scales go.

There is an excellent hospital in St. Petersburg, which depending on where in Largo you are is about a 30 minute drive through traffic called "All Children's Hospital". I've heard good things about the working environment, the staffing and the ratios.

Good luck.

I agree w/ Tweety - the pay sounds a little on the high side, though you can make that much as a 'core employee' (not a traveler/contract) and defer benefits and such.

Largo is a strangely-shaped city (kinda like an octopus) - so he's right, too, that you can live in Largo yet be 10 minutes or 30 minutes drive away from a major hospital.

Largo Medical is (obviously) about the closest, but you could check out SunCoast as well.

Clearwater Community no longer exists, if I recall correctly.

Best of luck with your move!


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Cant tell you much about work in that area, but there are a lot of golf courses and women wearing those thong bikinis.

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I've lived in Largo/St. Pete most of my life and have been an RN here for almost 7 years. I have worked for a major hospital in Clearwater since graduation. I currently make 24.95/hr , that includes night shift diff of 3.50. Not bad, but could be better.



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Thanks for the info everybody! I have been away from the computer for some time now so I just got a chance today to check for replies. I really am looking forward to going to FL soon. We, up here in MI, just got our dose of winter...about 8-10 inches of snow. Thanks again.

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