Relocating to Houston, any hope for this entry-level MSN grad?

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Hello all, I will be graduating from an entry-level masters and seeking information about job hunting in the Houston area. So far all job posts say a BSN and recruiters have not replied to my inquiries (or maybe not familiar?). I chose the direct MSN route due to FA purposes but now wondering if I made a horrible choice...although my program is respected regionally.

I understand as a new entry-level grad I'm not more qualified than any other RN...I just want an entry-level job in a Houston hospital, please !? Am I doomed?

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I don't think so, check out st LUKES, memorial Herman, great opportunities at Ben Taub.... st. Joseph ( Christus facility)....I honestly do not see why you would not qualify for a nurse residency program.....

Best wishes, please keep us informed

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