Relocating to Houston as an experienced RN..question on job outlook?

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I am relocating to Houston from a rural area. I have worked as an RN on a telementry unit for about 10 years in a hospital located in a city of about 60,000. It is one of the bigger hospitals in the area. I attended the local jr. college in this town to get my RN back in 2001. Anyway, now that my husband has a good job in Houston we are going to relocate to Houston. I have heard rumors that most hospitals will not hire ADNs and that they prefer BSNs. I do plan to eventually get my BSN but it has not been the top of my priority list because I have small children. So if anyone can shed some light on the job situation in Houston for ADNs I would appreciate it. Also I would prefer to work in a suburban hospital like Clear Lake area. I also would prefer to work in a PRN situation. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Welcome to Houston! I don't think you will have any difficulty finding a job outside the Medical Center.

If you know you are going to be in the Clear Lake area, I would suggest you take a look at CHRISTUS St. John - Catholic facility with good benefits. When you are ready, you will also find that there are a lot of local opportunities for continuing your education.

That is a great area to live, but if you are buying a house, be CAREFUL - make sure to do your homework & investigate which hurricane evacuation zone it is in, whether it is in a flood zone, and if it is in a MUD district. These can all add a lot of $ to your monthly living expenses. You can check out information here - ,

Best of Luck to you! Don't hesitate to PM me if I can provide additional information.

Thanks so much!

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