Relocating to Ft Campbell--job prospects??



My husband is PCS'ing to Fort Campbell, KY in November, and the kids and I are heading out to the TN side next weekend to get everything set up for his homecoming. I am having a difficult time getting callbacks for interviews and am a little surprised by the apparent lack of positions out in that area. I am willing to commute to Nashville for my position, as long as it is worth it, financially. I'm coming from a very busy level II trauma in VA, and am surprised that my ED and trauma experience for the past year hasn't caught any employers' attentions. Any insight? Recommendations for places to apply? I have been looking at Jenny Stuart and Gateway as local facilities, but it seems they are only hiring for future positions, and neither are a trauma center.

I am getting so discouraged, help!

Coming to Clarksville? I live here too, and have gotten nowhere, but also have no experience as I just graduated*sigh*. Good luck!


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Do they have civilian nurse jobs on base? I don't know much about it but that may be something to look into. I did see a job posting recently for a Research study on PTSD that was needing a LPN or RN with a bachelors degree. Looked interesting even though I know that is far from what you listed you are looking for.

The middle TN area has a lot of nursing programs and as a result has a lot of new grads and experienced RN's. We are not part of the nursing shortage. That may be one reason you have had a hard time finding a job.

Here are a couple of hospitals that would be closer to you than Nashville, but are not trauma centers: Northcrest Medical Center in Springfield, TN (off exit 24 on I-24) and Centennial Medical Center at Ashland City (also off I-24 exit 24). These may be worth looking into since they would not be as far away from Clarksville.

Have you tried Skyline Medical Center in Nashville? It is located just north of downtown Nashville and you would avoid all the traffic heading into the city. They also have a separate psych hospital called Skyline Madison.

Have you applied at Nashville General Hospital? It doesn't exactly have the best reputation in the area (it's where the prisoners go for treatment), but I am guessing they would be hurting for nurses more than the other hospitals.

Not sure if you have a BSN or associates but if you apply to Vanderbilt in Nashville they only hire BSN's and above since they are a magnet hospital.

Baptist hospital recently changed its name to "St Thomas Midtown" which is completely confusing since we already have a St. Thomas hospital in Nashville. So just know they are 2 different hospitals and make sure you apply to both.

If you see a job posting for "St. Thomas Rutherford" that would be incredibly too far away if you are living in Clarksville. So keep that in mind.

Hopefully this helps a little :) Good luck!


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Skyline Medical Center is pursuing level II trauma designation. It's about a 45 minute drive from Clarksville, but a significant portion of the staff is from Clarksville or even KY and it's definitely a livable commute.