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Hello Everyone!

I'm hoping for some guidance from you all.

I live in South Florida and have been working towards applying to the RN or BSN program here, however there is a possibility that my Husband will be getting transferred in the next month or so to Chattanooga for work. He is guaranteed 2 years of work there, so we would relocate as a family once he gets settled. I am panicking over the prospect of moving!

My plan was to complete all the pre-reqs for my local community college, as well as the university the offers a BSN program and apply to both since they are competitive. I have only been taking a few classes a semester since I work FT and I want to get the best grades possible, now when I am so close to being ready to apply this move is putting a wrench in my plans!

I have to figure this out before applying to the program, if I apply and get accepted I won't be able to make the move with him.

I have completed a good portion of classes I need for my associates degree, as well as those needed for the BSN program just to be safe.

Since the pre reqs here are more than the pre reqs I have seen listed at the schools in Tenn. I feel pretty good about the schools I have reviewed, in fact the Associates in Nursing degree is a full 10 credits shorter if I get it in Tennessee instead of Florida!

So far I have taken 37 credits, here are the classes I have completed:

Statistics (STA 2023)

Human Growth and Development (DEP 2004)

General Psych. (PSY 2012)

Art Appreciation (ARH 1000) - this counts as a Humanities course for me, which 2 are required for the RN program.

Nutrition (HUN 1201)

History (AMH 2020)

Ancient world- medieval period (HUM 2211) again, another Humanities, this is the required writing intensive humanities course.

World History (WHO 1030) another writting intensive course

Biological Science I (BSC 1010) Lecture and Lab

Composition I (ENC 1101)

Composition II (ENC 1102)

Intro. Sociology (SYG 1000)

(I have A's and B's in all of these classes, with the exception of Nutrition which I took at the beginning of my return to school and it was online, I planned on retaking the course here as it is a pre-req that weighs on your points for acceptance, not sure if it would matter for me up there, if the C would hurt me or not?)

My fall classes start on 8/27 and I am taking A& P 1 and Spanish (since foreign language is a university/BSN requirement here)

Here are my questions:

What are my options as far as schooling close to Chattanooga for RN or a BNS program?

I have seen Chatt State when I search, but a lot of other places pop up as well, what are my options as far as public, community and private schools in this area?

Is there a school in N. Ga that is relatively close that could be an option?

I see that Chem is a pre Req there for the A.S. in Nursing program, so that is a class I have to get out of the way before I apply to the program as it isn't even a course required in the A.S program here!) I realize I will get the most information from speaking with an advisor, I just want to narrow down which schools to speak with about the possibility of a transfer.

Thanks in Advance!!

Chatt State has a great program, as does Univ of TN, Chatt for the BSN. So if you go to either of those, you will be doing well. I'm not aware of any other programs in the area that are up to snuff.

The thing you would need to look at is residency requirements, so you don't end up paying out-of-state tuition. If you were to find a school in Georgia, that would also be a problem. However, I don't think there is anything in N. Ga that would really be close enough to be worth it.

Good luck with everything!


I was wondering about the Ga vs. Tn Schools because I wasn’t sure if I should let that determine our housing situation. Right now we are just looking, but there houses listed in N. Ga that would be a reasonable commute for working in Chatt. However the taxes would be a factor, since I am accustomed to not paying any state tax I might not like having Ga as my home address :0)

Also I don’t want to get stuck with the out of state tuition either. That is another thing I have to figure out, how that all works? I will probably be stuck with a semester as an out of state student so I should save 1 or 2 minor classes at that rate, as opposed to being ready to apply to the program at the higher tuition.

If you go to their websites, you'll be able to easily see the requirements. It may be as simple as having a TN driver's license and renting or buying a place in TN to get the in-state tuition. I've always been a resident of TN (even though I've moved around), so it was an easy matter for me and I can't remember the specifics.

I personally would not live in GA and commute into TN. But perhaps I'm biased! I go over the GA line to go to Lake Winnie and to Costco. ;)

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