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Hey! So I currently live and work in NY in the OR at one of NY's top hospitals where I've been since last July. I have a year and half under my belt also as a float RN (med/surg, tele, rehab, biu) before this job. I am moving to CA (Los Angeles) as soon as possible. I am planning to stay in the OR or even something like a plastic surgery office or aesthetic nursing. I have some family and a boyfriend out there so I do have a (small) support system in place already, as well as a lot of money saved up from living home with the parents. My question mainly is does applying while still living in NY hurt my chances of landing a job in CA? Should I just make the move and apply once I'm a CA resident? I know they always say to have a job lined up before you move but I want to make the move asap and like I said, I have the advantage of a decent amount of money in savings as well as no student loans or major debt. Any advice would be appreciated!

Being in the state might help generate interest, but employers may care even more about you being licensed and ready to go. The CA BON takes about three months to issue a license when things run smoothly. Employers are not likely to call until you have a license "in hand". Start the process early.

Edit: I am licensed in CA

Hey! I currently work in an ICU in NYC but it has always been my dream to move out to LA. I applied for my CA license last August after I passed my NCLEX. I have applied to quite a few RN positions out in California and have heard back from places even though I am in New York. I think the main thing they look at is so see whether or not you have your CA license already. That being said, I think you can also pretty easily get a job in aesthetics/ at a plastic surgery office once you are out there since you already have experience under your belt.

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